Hair Care Product Lines

Kevin Murphy, Australia

Kevin Murphy products are formulated with the best available natural products free of harmful sulphate and paraben additives.   He has developed a line of salon only natural aromatherapy catered professional hair care shampoos, conditioners, treatments, and styling aids for every hair type to give that light full body runway look.  He specializes in renewable and natural pure essential oils and plant extracts that contain natural antioxidants.  Kevin’s imported Australian product line offers the discriminating user the fresh radiant look.


Neuma, CA

Neuma provides a choice to users for USDA certified organic products that are free of carcinogens, neurotoxins, and pollutants common in many over-the-counter products.  Neuma products are gluten free to provide those who are gluten intolerant and need an alternative.  Of course these products are renewable and plant based to support the environment and long-term hair care.


L’anza, CA

L’anza offers a natural ingredient product line of healing and hydration products to improve damaged hair.  Some of the products are designed to stimulate hair growth and restore the hair follicles to promote smooth, soft, and shinny hair.L’anza specializes in treating damaged hair and not masking the symptoms. Products are derived from various natural ingredients that have been proven effective in hydration, softness, and enhanced lustrous sheen.


Color Proof, CA

Color Proof contains certified organic botanicals and is 100% vegan. The advanced Colorlast System provides 96% color retention and features patented Chromaveil & Heliogenol. The flexshield technology uses polymers for heat protection up to 450 degrees. Color Proof is free of gluten, sulfates, salt, parabens, carcinogens, phthalate, PABA and mineral oil.


Woody’s, CA

Woody’s hair products for men helps to tame that wild and unruly hair. These products give dry and hard to manage hair into a much healthier and fuller look.   Woody’s hair products are made from natural ingredients that nourish the hair and scalp.


Skin Care Product Line

Image Skincare, FL

Image Skincare is the official skincare line of Miss Universe.  Image products are exclusively available from physicians and estheticians offering superior performance to over-the-counter remedies.  Customized treatments combined with the correct products for each client provide solutions to enhance and develop radiant glowing natural looking skin.  Damaged skin can be rejuvenated using a three-step process with Image skincare products, a series of clinical resurfacing treatments, and a monthly maintenance program to prevent the aged look.